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Just so you know, this is a stand-in post. It’s not a real post. I miss you and this blog like crazy right now, but I wouldn’t want to lie to you guys and let you believe this is my best work, because it’s not. I’m a little (no, a lot) distracted right now.


Oh, because I’m in Las Vegas this very minute. No, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m not in cheesy Vegas, so don’t think about Circus Circus, the Mirage or even the Dunes.

I’m in Las Vegas at the most upscale, coolest hotel ever. And when I say “coolest,” I don’t mean that loosely. I mean it like there is actual art all around the lobby. Ladies in pin-up-like uniforms prance around the casino selling American Spirits. The lobby bar looks like Wonderland threw up on a copy of Vogue. I can’t afford to eat at any of the restaurants. The hotel shampoo is a brand so expensive I have seen it in fancy shop windows, but never in an real-life person’s home. There is a freaking Japanese soaking tub in the room. I’ve spent nearly a quarter of the trip in that tub.

photo 5

So you can see why I haven’t had time to write since I got back from camping. I turned around and stepped through a portal to another dimension (otherwise known as “tagged along on husband’s business trip”). This is a dimension full of glamorous people sipping cocktails upon awakening and cheerfully gambling away what is no doubt pocket change to them, but to me would be groceries for six months. I, on the other hand, have been fantasizing I am a lead character in Ocean’s Eleven, or at the very least a Bond movie. My fingernails are even painted a sparkly color. This I call getting in character.lobby2I’m having a great time. Free gym. Cable TV. People watching in a chic setting. Did I mention the Japanese soaking tub?

So I’ll be back for real soon, and this will include writing about my true feelings for this bizarre city. They may surprise you…

…or they may not. I don’t have time to think about it really, I need to put on my gown for a black-tie event and meet up with the cast of Cirque du Soleil for an aperitif.*

*code for “go read in the Japanese soaking tub”


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