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A Homeowner’s Real Estate Fear — 36 Comments

  1. Atta girl! That’s the spirit! Seriously though, I feel you on this. I got up on the step ladder to get something off the top of the fridge and the amount of grime up there was a sight to behold. I’ve got cobwebs and I even found an ornately spun spiderweb in the closet that I hadn’t noticed until the light finally hit it. But hey – we’re busy women, right? We’re consumed with creating, not out Martha-ing Ms. Stewart. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! 😉
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  2. LOL – I hear you! I’m getting ready to have new windows installed, and when they came to measure my old windows, I was totally embarrassed… (Okay, I wasn’t embarrassed enough to clean them after all these years)… but then I remembered – they’re going to replace my dirty old windows with new clean windows. By the time someone else comes to buy the house or replace these windows, I’ll be long gone, and the new owner will feel the shame! 🙂 Thanks for making me smile. I enjoyed this, probably because I can relate to it.
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  3. Since loosing the dogs, I’m happy to say I have cleaned all those things & more – the house will be really clean when you come to visit 😉

  4. I wish I would’ve known your bicep cultivating secret before I took up boxing. I hate cleaning, but I hate exercising more : ) Best of luck with the house. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place.
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  5. I know the feeling, since we are looking for a new house and have been working on ours for – well it feels like forever! But it’s so important. One house we looked round had dusty windowsills and door jambs, and we couldn’t help feeling that if they couldn’t be bothered to clean, maybe it showed how well they had (not) kept the house.
    We moved when our daughters were quite little, and while our house was for sale we went to visit a friend of mine. The girls clutter had got around, so I said we needed to tidy up.
    My three-year-old looked up and said, “Is someone coming to look round her house?”
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  6. We have relocated several times and I can totally relate to this post! There is something about all that cleaning and purging each time we move that I look forward to for some reason. Not the aching muscles or aggravated allergies from all the dust and packing…maybe the sense of accomplishment or the excitement of starting a new chapter and leaving the old behind. Either way, good luck to you! We just sold our house in Texas and are currently moving from San Juan, PR to New Hope, PA. Here we go again!
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  7. Where in the name of puppy breath did they all come from?
    Ahaha! I ask myself the same question about the same things you listed. It’s just too much. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I either need to hire a regular cleaner or just accept the fact that my house will always be partially dirty.
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  8. Well at least chances are the prospective buys won’t be looking on top of your fridge either so you should be off the hook for a bit. 🙂 Best of luck on the sale of your house! Are you planning on moving very far?

    Love the creepshow pic!!
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  9. Ahhh, I feel your pain. But I kind of knew I was a slob. Fortunately, we sold our house in about three weeks, thanks to a dramatic price drop at week 2.5. We move in about two weeks. I couldn’t handle having it on the market for a long time with three kids. Our previous home took about two years to sell. Nightmare! Our realtor says, “It just has to be priced right.” I hate that that’s true. Good luck on the sale!
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