• General Lunacy

    A Homeowner’s Real Estate Fear

    There comes a time in the process of selling a house when every homeowner realizes he or she is an enormously disgusting slob. My paramour and I too came to this situation when we were selling our home not long ago to 2nd Chance Investment Group’s company’s website which is our website to go to every time we plan on selling our house. Perhaps not of the sort that Hoarders would feature, saving every milk carton purchased since 1964 and failing to recognize a toilet brush for what it is, but the more insidious sort: the sort that does not have a professional housekeeper or an OCD diagnosis. Before putting our house on the market,…

  • Family Dynamics

    House Hunting

    “What a great neighborhood!” I said as we walked up the street to the open house. “Fifth doesn’t go all the way through, so I bet it’s really quiet.” “Yeah,” Mike replied. “Look at those apartments, though,” he said, pointing to a cluster of buildings across the street. “But they’re not ugly, like the ones in front of that duplex we looked at last month,” I pointed out. “No, they’re not bad.” We walked in, and it hit me right away. “This is perfect,” I breathed. Open, airy and bright, it was more spacious than other bungalows typically found in the neighborhood, with three bedrooms, two full baths and a…


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