fold yourself up

like a wee origami box

delicate and lovely

pink azaleas sketched

on only the exterior

once you’re as wee

as you can make yourself

fold yourself in half again

and again

and again

until we can’t see you

especially can’t hear you

you may

threaten to burst

but don’t

and remain pretty

and easy

and light


women — 8 Comments

  1. Reminds me of women in days gone by, maybe the fifties. Reminds to pray that it isn’t so today. Beautiful words, lovely descriptions of something kind of sad.

  2. I really like how delicate and pretty this feels on the surface. And the line “you may threaten to burst… but don’t” sums up the underlying message so well.

  3. The image of the origami box is exquisite. It totally feels like that so much of the time. Like, everything we contain, we must fit it into a smaller and smaller space. <3

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