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  1. This one of the truest things I have ever read Natalie. It’s a weird thing that happens when you have a baby. You do lose yourself, in a way, because, honestly, how could you not? This creature explodes into your life and one minute you’re not a mother and then you are and figuring out how to be that and do that and raise a baby into someone you’re proud to put out into the world is impossibly complicated. But is also true, at least for me, and I think for you too, that becoming a mother turned me into the most authentic version of myself. I’m both more and less of what I was before, and hyper focused on the things that really matter because time is limited and I want to spend it on the important stuff. Motherhood. It’s tough stuff, and there are a lot of ways to do it. Be patient and be kind to yourself. You’re already doing great.

  2. You are a Mama Lion! I had noticed that you were quieter in the last few months, but not in a bad way — in a contemplative way. I’m glad that you were storing up the words for essays like this and defending those you love. I hope you are able to let go of the Unnecessary but saving some part of yourself for writing. I miss your voice so much. Love you.

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