How I Talk Myself Down: An Unemployment Checklist — 78 Comments

  1. Drinking helps me at times. Blasting music? Definitely a big help. And sometimes, just getting the hell away from people and so-called “responsibilities” for a personal day is a huge help too. Doesn’t make everything instantly better but it calms down the soul and the panic ridden mind.
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  2. I’ll have you know, working at Starbucks as a barista is my plan for when we retire and need the medical insurance. I mean, I love lattes–so why not?

    You got this, Natalie! You’re right. You won’t die. And on top of this you’ll make great stuff happen!

  3. I can’t believe how you and I are so much alike. I feel like I should feel so accomplished because I created a magazine but really, since it’s not making any money I feel terrible. The negativity in my head is overwhelming most of the time. I have gotten good at Photoshop, though- so if you want me to make you a festive Photoshop resume, I will do so at once. I hope you know that I admire you. Often times when I’m losing it I know somewhere out there you are feeling the same way, and suddenly not having a job doesn’t seem like such a personal attack on me. Then I think FUCK- what if I did have a real job? Then I’d have to wear a bra and it’s been so many years since I worked in a real environment I think I wouldn’t enjoy it! Isn’t that hilarious?

    • Yeah, it can be pretty overwhelming. And yes, why does being jobless feel like such a personal attack? I’m trying to build a business and it has not been easy.
      And I’m not looking forward to bra-wearing, pants-not-optional days. *shudder*
      You’re inspirational and you always seem to know just what to say to make me not feel quite so alone, Heather. Thank you so much.

  4. Some day, when I have all the money, I’m going to give some of it to the people I care about so that they never have to worry about shit like this again and can do what they love. I just need your address so I know where to send the check*.

    *That check isn’t coming any time soon, FYI.

    Great post.

    Also, I listen to Pink. She tells me I’m perfect.
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  5. Totally , totally, totally! Perspective is everything and it seems like you’re skilled at maintaining a healthy one. Or at least you can recognize when your perspective needs to change. When a former boss and I had to do tasks that completely sucked the joy out of life she would always say, “we just have to put on our big girl panties and do it.” And you’re right, the horrible tasks and situations don’t last FOREVER.

    “…how to instigate your own death and make it look like an accident” because life insurance doesn’t pay out on suicides. so then not only is everyone sad because you’re gone but they’re also pissed because you left them with all your bills. Guilted into living…geez.

    And dance parties are a definite MUST.30-second dance parties are the best reward for completing a disgusting task.

    Oh, and I really like the way you write, too. Syntax is awesome.
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  6. Natalie, you do have a handle on this, I can feel it in your words. Keep dancing and keep writing. I believe you are right about finding that bestseller in a story from working nine to five. Every experience we have, good or bad (and sometimes it is the bad) gives us more fodder for the writing. You’ve got this!
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  7. Natalie, you have so much talent and insight. The answers you are seeking are right there in front of you. Just keep writing through it.

    Starbucks doesn’t sound bad in a pinch. After all, you would get freedom, flexibility, health insurance, and coffee. As you know, I’ve done worse jobs ; )

    Yoga blows. Just thinking about yoga makes me feel like a failure – a non-stretchy failure.

    Oh, and you should probably get a pedicure. Attractive toenails always make me feel more hopeful.
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  8. There are not words to tell you how much I fucking love this post. Be the queen of your life, Natalie. I loved this, especially as I’m still reeling from my lay-off in 2012. Oh, hugs to you. And I listen to the Katy Perry station on Pandora when I’m cleaning the house. <3 I know it may not be PC to admit this, but you totally have my vote this week!

  9. God, I have so been there. Graduating law school just as the recession started heating up meant I spent over a year doing document review, working strange odd jobs and even being a nanny for awhile. I had to remind myself at least twice a day not to freak the fuck out, and that running after a 5 year old when the ink on my law degree was barely dry wouldn’t kill me. I just get it. So much
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  10. That sounds like a great list. I find that cuddling with my dogs tends to help me feel at least a little better; maybe your cat can cheer you up a bit.

    On an unrelated note, I love your blog. Your writing style is clear and emotionally engaging, and your content inspiring, real, and often amusing.

  11. I don’t know if California requires you to have a masters in Ed. to become a substitute teacher, but if not (or if your credits are close), it might be something you should consider. I’m done. I don’t want to teach full time or part time anymore, I want to sub. and write. It really gives you control of your life. Want to work that day? Probably can. Want to write instead? Just deny the jobs. The money is not fantastic, but it is good for the hours. Working is stealing all my creativity. Substituting is like the best of unemployment and working at the same time.
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    • I should look into that more now that they’re hiring more teachers. Last time I checked, there were so many unemployed teachers in line ahead of me, which looks better than someone with just a degree and no credential.
      I hear you, Chris, about all of the above.

  12. Dude, this speaks to me. I’m still working part-time at a nonprofit in a new city I moved to for my boyfriend. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. So, everything is unsettled right now. The situation is ripe for panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. I’m trying to scrape myself off the ground by applying for jobs, going out dancing, and spending time with friends. And reminding myself I’ve been through worse and survived. It’s bootstraps time! Thanks for this awesome pick-me-up, Natalie!
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  13. You DO have this, Natalie! Here’s to you for making insanely happy playlists, knowing that being a barista isn’t going to kill you and realizing that working in an office might just give you the extra character you need for your kickass best-seller because you’ve definitely got the writing talent and humor and outlook needed. I’ll buy it.
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  14. Oh, I love that line, “you’ve done harder stuff than this.” Yes, it’s okay to do something that may not be your passion because you also have to pay the bills and it sounds like you have an incredible amount of perspective on it all… good luck to you and stay strong!
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  15. You rock—-> “You have already lost everything once in your life; if you had to, you could do it again.” So much wisdom in every item on your Talk-Down list. And yeah, sometimes yoga is bullshit when you’re truly freaking the F out. You are going places, sister. I can’t wait to read your book. xo
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