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New Year’s Day — 42 Comments

  1. Happy New Year Natalie! I also celebrate very differently these days…surrounded by kids and step kids at home instead of out with drunk, crazy people. “Celebrating” can take on many forms, and it doesn’t have to include alcohol to be fun. Just having (or doing) something special that you don’t treat yourself to very often can bring it up a notch so you don’t obsess on the missing drinks.
    All the best to you in 2014!
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  2. This year, New Year’s Eve was different without The Polish Guy. I poured a drink but only took a few sips before heading off to bed. When I was with The Polish Guy, all of our time together revolved around drinking. Without him, I’m back to being me and only occasionally drinking and then in moderation. I no longer regret his absence from my life.

    PS I used to love those flavored cigars!
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  3. Grape cigars? That probably still wouldn’t have made it palatable for me! I’m glad this, although better than prior years, was a few years ago. I hope ringing in 2014 was awesome!

  4. weird, first time I ever smoked a cigar was new years eve…I was thirteen

    Hope you feel better. I love your writing style. I always feel engaged and as if I’m in the story with you.

    Happy Catorce, Natalie…can’t wait for lefty pop
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  5. I had no idea about flavored cigars. That must have been an odd New Year’s – the first without alcohol. I think the first time we break habit or tradition over anything feels strange…until it feels normal. I hope your cough didn’t last long.
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    • Oh yeah, totally weird. It felt alternately sad and happy – sad because I wanted to drink, but happy because it felt like I had a new chance at life.
      And no, it was gone within a week. πŸ˜‰

  6. Because I am a really mean person, I laughed at you in my head when I read you were sucking the smoke into your lungs. And then I realized that not everyone gets taught how to smoke a cigar when they turn 12.
    So, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet and are again called upon to smoke another cigar (hopefully one that is not fruit-flavored. Fruit wood, maybe, but not a flavor that can also be found in bubblegum) – cigar smoke is to taste. You just let it sit in your mouth, swish it around, blow it out and taste it. That’s all you gotta do. It’s not for putting in your lungs; it’s not a cigarette.
    And also, I am still giggling in my head a bit. Poor you, with your lungs full of chemical-grape cigar smoke!
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    • Oh, you’re not being mean – it was funny! I’ve since learned, and while I’ll never smoke my own cigar again, I’ve taken a puff here and there of Mike’s cigars with NO inhaling, lol. And no nasty flavoring.

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