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  1. Wait, did you just go post-apocalyptic on us? I liked the murky “Road” and oddly Harry Potterish feel to this world/time…of course, with your own style. I have relatives in both Marysville, WA. and Oakridge, OR. and they both are craphole towns…so that worked.

    And I wanted her (or him) to get shoes. Are shoes too much to ask for?
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  2. I love your descriptions – the piss-soaked streets, the drab colours, the mud squelching. It’s all so vivid that I was right there with you/him/her, feeling the agony and anguish and wishing for shoes. I know you give place names but this was so Russian Steppes for me! I would read more!

  3. I like the way you described this dystopian world without saying it straight out. And I love the image of the buildings the color of cheese. I hope the next installment is about the narrator catching a break. Robbed twice in a day. That sucks.
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  4. OH! What Nate said. I love how this gradually took me from: “Jeez, mugged while you’re on vacation in a third world country, that sucks,” to: “Damn, this is *here* but not *now.*” Such vivid details.
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