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Homemade Vogue — 62 Comments

  1. Well- you have to keep it! Absolutely you must. You will treasure it always because it was from your grandmother.

    You’ll figure out how to honor the memory even if you don’t keep the entire dress. Maybe a portion of the dress in a frame along with photos of you wearing it and your grandmother?
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  2. wow, that was a handmade dress? Amazing… saw you at huff post but it wouldn’t take my comment…sorry …wanted you to know it was an awesome piece of writing and inspirational.

  3. Oh, darling, you just made me cry. I wish I could compose myself enough to leave a meaningful comment, but just know that… This… this is real. You evoke emotion. You and your talent are going places.

    Also, keep the dress.

    • Oh wow, your comment provoked the same response in me. Thank you so very much.
      I think I will. Every time I think about letting it go for practical reasons, the other, less practical part of me protests louder.

    • I still have mine! LOL same deal: vintage vogue, boning in the bodice, and an internal corset to boot! Stitched with love by my mama, I can never ever get rid of it… and hope that maybe one day, I can pass it on. Just looking at the red satin, all full of glamour– it’s a treasure. One day, we will encounter a generation who’s never had any clothing handmade, and it will be priceless. Maybe, vaccuum pack it, and save the space? πŸ˜‰

      • I forgot that yours was handmade, too! That is so amazing. The red satin…so decadent!
        You have an excellent point – hardly anyone will have handmade clothing as the years progress. You’re right. I have to keep it.

  4. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous memory! What a lovely tribute to your grandmother, and a wonderful thing for her to so painstakingly give you. Not just the dress, but her time and the love that went into it.
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  5. Funny – just last night I was out with some friends and we were talking about the fact that some of us still have our prom dresses – and we graduated in the 90s!! We’re also having a wedding dress party in two weeks. Whether they fit or not.
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  6. From a man’s perspective, I get it, but I don’t get it. Then I remember the curled maple wood mini world flag holder my grandpa made for me. I don’t collect world flags anymore…they’ve long since fallen apart…but that long piece of beautiful maple wood; so hard to get rid of, even though it holds no practical purpose anymore.

    I also agree with Rev. Dr.
    Chris Plumb recently posted…What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of BloggingMy Profile

    • No, they don’t, Erica! When my younger sister went to prom last year, it was fashionable for all the girls to wear SHORT DRESSES. It looked like cocktail hour at a skeezy bar. I wept for their generation.
      Except for my sister, of course, the epitome of taste (she gets it from me).

  7. I love this. I’m also glad to see I’m not the only one who held on to their dress. To be perfectly honest, I have more than one formal tucked away in my closet.

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  9. I think it’s been said – resoundingly – but I agree. You should keep that dress. It’s a piece of your grandmother’s soul and that makes it priceless. When my grandmother died, I kept her coffee mug. It’s nothing special, but she used it every day and it means the world because of that.

    Great post, Natalie. Even if it did make me miss my gran.
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