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  1. Comical. I was driving (late) to work today in a rather insane Oregon downpour, and on the freeway was a guy in a Prius going 42 mph. He nearly caused four wrecks with his slow driving and late lane changes (without signaling). When I got up closer I saw the California tags, and it all made sense. “Your out of your element, dude” I yelled to him; but he couldn’t see me, as his eyes were so intent on the road.

    ‘Course, the one (and only) time I drove through LA while on my honeymoon, I felt like my car taking 9 seconds to get up to 65 mph was destroying the beautiful thing that is Orange County traffic. No matter how aggressive I tried to get on the LA roads, I was probably like Ms. Daisy. I’m sure plenty of “stupid Oregonians” were yelled that day.

    • This just proves my expostulation!! See, Californians DO NOT know how to have weather!
      And yes, when someone is driving toooooo sloooooow, it’s usually an out of state license plate on the car. They just aren’t used to our perpetual spring.

  2. I haven’t seen snow either – are you telling me it DOESN’T taste like spun sugar?

    We have rain but people still forget how to drive in it.

    And 80F is still jumper and jeans weather, sorry. Come for Christmas here, where it is usually about 100F and we are STILL singing about snow. Where it doesn’t snow.

    The snuggle up sounds lovely though; that’s my favourite cold weather activity!

    • Er, yes *of course* it tastes like spun sugar. Ahem.
      And I’m telling you, those from the LA basin don’t know how to have weather of any kind, hot or cold! If it wavers anywhere out of a twenty degree margin, we’re screwed. A 100° Christmas would incite riots. You must be a tough cookie!

  3. East Texas is the land of perpetual heat and drought. 80’s on Christmas day is pretty normal, as is 110 in June. A little rain (or God forbid snow) causes mass panic! LOL! So, I completely understand where you are coming from!
    This is a great post, thanks for the smile!

    • Oh, just wait for it. That’s (one reason) why I avoid snow at all costs. And the rain here can get pretty intense on occasion, complete with flood and downed power lines. It’s actually pretty violent right now, so I think I’m going to stay inside…
      Plus I already got drenched on the way to my car this morning…because I was stupid and didn’t bring an umbrella.

  4. This is so precious. I wear two pairs of pants from the end of October through March. In addition to wool socks and nothing but sensible shoes. There’s no lookin’ cutsie when you have hypothermia staring you in the face. Enjoy your rain!

  5. Growing up in New Jersey, and spending most of his young adult life in D.C., my boyfriend constantly complains/makes fun of California rain drivers. What’s funny, is I read your post in bed last night, and woke up this morning to everyone on my facebook cautioning us to drive carefully today in the rain! haha

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