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  1. Hiking is also my jam. I feel fortunate to live a stone’s throw from three awesome parks. It definitely is difficult not to appreciate the outdoors in this beautiful state- though I’m sure my childhood indoctrination helped!

  2. Just tonight I was researching possible wedding venues in the Santa Monica mountains!! I was trying to sell Greg on the idea by telling him about all the beautiful hiking trails they have there. I’m so jealous you got to go hiking, ’cause I’ve been meaning to get back to those trails for years now. Next time you want to go, hit me up! 🙂

  3. Awww man! You missed out on the Adirondacks while you were here! Such great hiking and I totally take for granted that the mountains are RIGHT THERE. Dumb. And I do remember some of my environmental conservation training but it was very much overshadowed by the gang education program, so…..Oh! and if CA is granola capital, Vermont has to be second place. Subaru central up in here.

    • Yes, Vermont is California’s crunchy second cousin, only they’re better at balancing their state budget.
      And the Adirondacks are on my list of “places to go before I die an untimely death”! Mike and I want to take an East Coast road trip at some point, where we will make it happen. Or rather, I will make it happen, because let’s face it, I’m the planner.
      I too remember the G.R.E.A.T. education program, but I liked the talking dolphin puppet better than the cop with the attitude telling us not to join a gang because we’d definitely die, or get arrested by him.

  4. I could SO see you running up to a Grizzly to give it a “bear hug”.
    Thanks for sharing your pics. I love being in the outdoors! (as long as it’s not to hot, cold, windy, dry, rainy, or full of bugs/snakes/other gross creepy crawly things.) That looks like an awesome place to go hiking. I really need to get back into that. My knee is starting to act up, on account of me being so lazy lately…

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