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  1. For some reason, I was about to comment on your facebook page rather than on your blog? Alors.

    The gastronomic delights very early on in this post left me drooling. Green Tea Creme Brulee? I was only recently introduced to Green Tea ice cream, and I am intensely jealous.

    Your work, as always, is delightful. I am, however, intensely disappointed that Duke Kahanamoku isn’t really a duke; I am a little passionate about Hawaiian royalty, and was hoping that he was somehow part of that (I have a theory about Island Cultures with Royalty, and will someday write a tedious treatise linking Britain, Hawaii, and Japan).

    At any rate, my dear, your blog is invigorating to read, as ever. Cheers!
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    • Green tea ANYTHING just delights me. Yum. And Hawaiian royalty is an endless topic of confusion for me, probably because of my limited public school education. We didn’t learn anything about Hawaii until Pearl Harbor; as far as I was concerned, it sprouted up from nothingness at that time (sarcasm intended). I didn’t learn otherwise until I actually went there. Someday, I’d like to read your treatise on the subject…

  2. Palm trees never fail to make someplace look exotic to me. I usually wear contacts, which at least gets me into the water, but then I always fear I’ll get caught off guard by a wave or some splash will hit me right in the eye, turning me into Mrs. Magoo. Being able to see while at the beach is one of only two things that make me think laser eye surgery could be worth it. I’m too chicken though.
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  3. I don’t swim or tan but I take a lot of photos, which probably stands in the way of my vacation instead of enhancing it. I agree with the previous commentators, palm trees always make for a great photo! We’ll be going away to the cottage this summer, first time for me.
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  4. Overindulging in food while on vacation is a must, so glad to hear that you took part. Besides being in Portland now, I have no further summer getaways. Even though I’m here to be in a wedding and have my own coming up, I’ve still managed to eat everything in sight…however, there are TONS of food trucks here, and I’m proud to say that I’ve had self-restraint with those. I think the fact that I chowed down on donuts upon taking my first steps in Oregon probably helped get my bad food craving out of the way.
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  5. My family is heading down to your neck of the woods. A week in Anaheim, thoroughly gorging ourselves on all things Disney (my wife is a Disney nerd, and my princess daughters 7 & 5 have never been). I’m hoping to take in a museum, or Legoland, or Knott’s Berry Farm…but I’m guessing I get ruled out because we missed one attraction at Disneyland.

    My family will need that SPF 150 you speak of. I, thankfully, have some unknown (possibly Hebrew) blood that allows me play on the surface of the sun. Unless I remove my shirt (but that’s not going to happen).

    I also am shocked when I take a nap in the day. WTH, where’d my day go?
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  6. Hi Natalie- when I got to the list of food you ate I just knew you were my kind of vacationer! And somehow I can’t see you downing all those calories. Lots of laughs throughout- even during the near drowning sequence and the unbinding will. Thoroughly enjoyable!
    Glad you had a good vacation. The lack of photos tells me you were in the moment.
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  7. I went to San Diego once, and it rained every single day. I didn’t have to worry about frying my skin. It was still fun, and on one overcast day we went to that lovely island. But mostly, we trotted around and supped and gawked and shopped just a bit. The bed and breakfast was fantastic though. I’d return just for that!
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  8. Looks amazing! Heehee, I just went to Maine for work and thought, ‘Hey, I should take a bunch of pics so I can blog about this!’ I don’t know if I would have been as camera conscientious if it wasn’t for blogging. I am grateful for capturing all of those memories!
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  9. Im glad you got to relax. I am a bit like you. I dont know how generally, but occasionally can pull it off. This sounded great. I just cant get used to the trees. Even living there they still seemed something out of south pacific!

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