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Take Me Away — 12 Comments

  1. I just love glimpsing into the depths of your soul. Even when you talk about the dark and painful. I’ve told you before, you feel things so deeply and it’s always a moving experience tapping into this. I so relate to how you feel about books. Our neighborhood second hand book store had a sale two weekends ago and I walked away with a loot I am still excited to think about.
    Katia recently posted…A Letter to My Kids From Your Newly Working MomMy Profile

  2. I’ve spent many years escaping from life in a book. I think it’s a large part of the reason I am so content with being single.

    I think I got caught more than once with a book hidden in my desk, although I was never asked to read out loud. Even though I just knew I could read out loud better than most of the class. I guess I was an arrogant little shit even then.
    Vanessa D. recently posted…Whatever, I’ll Just Date MyselfMy Profile

  3. Wow at 10? That’s intense. I’m glad you are here! I love books too. I wrestle a lot with how much blogging interferes with my reading time. I’m still not sure I’m managing that in the best way.
    Stacie recently posted…In All FairnessMy Profile

  4. God, yes. Just, yes. I have spend my entire life feeling exactly this way. When I’m in the middle of something particularly mind numbing at work I wonder if I can just close my door and pull my book out of my bag, and when I leave work, I count the minutes until I’m sitting on the train so I can pick up my book where I left off in the morning. Books are my constant companions and most faithful friends. Also, I’ve been in a little bit of a YA binge myself. I would recommend anything by Rainbow Rowell. I’m loving the hell out of her these days.
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  5. In was never a reader in my youth or even before that. Books were hard to come by and the books the school library offered were simply too boring or made no sense at all. But I can understand your passion for books as I see it in my daughter now. How she is so stuck in them to the.point she ignores everyone around her. Yet, I find myself buying more books for her because things are different now. We have books! Interesting ones.
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  6. Books are such a comfort, and shame on that teacher for doing that. I have enjoyed watching my kids sink into books the same way I did.

  7. Oh, wow. Jumping out of a hot air balloon. I’m glad you didn’t do it, but that’s quite an image. This brought back for me a similar time in my childhood when my teachers were talking to my parents and everyone was worried about me. At the time, I didn’t understand why. It’s interesting to me what grownups notice.
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