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Because I’m in Rehab — 48 Comments

  1. The Marlboro 100’s anecdote cracked me up. I know this is serious, but I dealt with customers who said things like this when I worked a gas station store. Most of our customers were addicts of some sort: alcohol, tobacco, junk food, lottery (keno), and they were always oversharing why they were purchasing this or that vice.

    De Niro voice: “You, you’re good…you’ve got a gift my friend.”
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  2. I agree with everyone who called this post brave. It’s also very minimalistic and conveys the point perfectly and tastefully without many distractions (sorry, I didn’t mean for this to sound like a literary analysis, but basically I applaud you for the bravery and lack of whininess when talking about such an emotionally charged topic. I will stop my ramble now).
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  3. This is a wonderfully brave post. I had stopped by from Tuesday’s Mixtape, and seen this title. Of course, I had to read the post, because, well, I have also been in rehab. Not for drinking. I do understand that feeling of looking around at the huge diversity of people and thinking, wait a second, my children are with me, well, not at that moment, but their father was at the home I owned with them. I had spent 10 days in jail, but that was for not having a license, never mind the fact I was driving to an outpatient treatment center everyday and so not having a license wasn’t that important. Hmm, okay, yeah, I belong here. This is very amazing and I’m glad you received help before something worse happened. I’m just now to the point I feel okay talking about my situation. So I find you extremely groovy for putting this out there!!! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, a sister in sobriety! I love meeting people who have been through it – so few have had that distinct experience, of rehab, I mean. I don’t think many people ever feel like they belong in rehab; that’s why so few stay clean. That’s also why many don’t get help, they rationalize that their lives aren’t quite the same train wreck as others…
      And yeah, I knew I needed to be there, even if I didn’t quite look like everyone else on the outside; my insides were the same. I was a drunk. And thank God for that place. It gave me back my life.
      So glad you stopped by today!

  4. One my (least) favorite things I said when I went through it was “yeah, just trying to make it day by day, because I’m in rehab”.

    I used to say the only thing worse than a drunk/addict is a former drunk/addict. But then I started writing again and eventually blogging and now know people likeme, you know, like us, and I know that recovery can be funny, poignant, stupid, interesting, helpful, and meaningful.

    Thanks for posting this. *fistbump*
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    • πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’ve often felt that there’s nothing worse than a former drunk. But it’s vastly better than a current drunk, and those were my two choices.
      You’re right – recovery can be all those things.

  5. This story is so true. I was not in rehab per say, but in a court imposed ‘education’ program, after an encounter with some mailboxes. I didn’t belong there… but, yeah I did. I was lucky. It was the wakeup that saved my life. I wanted everyone to know I did not drink alcohol… like a badge of pride. That was 17 years ago. I don’t obsess about letting people know that now, I know it and that’s enough… but then, it was important and helped me. When people asked me if I wanted a beer, I would say “I don’t drink alcohol”, now I just say “No thank you”. But, I remember that Alcohol is patient… and I never let my guard down… so far it has worked. Keep your guard up, Natalie, and you will do just fine.
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