Mike and I got back Saturday from a mini-vacation to San Diego. This trip had several consequences:

  • I have spent Monday in the throes of exhaustion
  • I have a fun sunburn in the shape of a halter top
  • I have a million things to write about but can’t focus on any of them for sustained periods of time.

We came back early to celebrate Father’s Day, and I promptly came down with some sort of 24-hour mini-plague. Naturally, when I couldn’t stop hacking at midnight last night, I took some sleepy drugs.

Not a good idea.

When Mike dragged my ass out of bed woke me up, I think I snarled at him before demanding coffee.

This is what my brain looks like today:


So instead of a reflective post on revisiting a city in which I once lived, you get this. Me, saying “Hi, I miss you guys!” without a real purpose. But I do. Miss you, that is. Four days away feels like an eternity. Would this be considered blogging co-dependency? I don’t really care if it is, because it’s my blog and I can be an idiot on here if I want to.

Also, did you know as a bonus to going away for a weekend, pets will be ultra-cuddly upon your return? Rusty followed me from room to room when we got back Saturday night, and Mimi sat on my lap for 2 hours straight. She then sat on my keyboard when I tried to type this.

I love going on vacation.


“OMG, NEVER LEAVE AGAIN you guys!!!!”



Nothing Much, What’s Up With You? — 28 Comments

  1. Used to be in the Balboa Park area…I dont miss CA but if I did it would be there. My mutt is always extra cuddly which is great sometimes others …I want my lap back.

  2. As a mother of four puppies,one cat and a bird I can relate completely. This is a lovely chirpy blog which I am liking on Facebook! Do you think you could return the favour?
    Can’t wait for your updates and as I’m currently in my sick bed with a head cold I have time to look thru your archives! Cheers from Australia!

  3. I totally know how you feel about missing your blog. Not only do I have my own wedding this year, but I’m in two others. Thankfully, one is taking place this weekend, so while it’s been monopolizing my time as of late, it’ll free me up again soon!
    Ericamos recently posted…Minty BadnessMy Profile

  4. Lol! We missed you too. But what’s a little co-dependency between bloggers? 😉

    My cat used to ignore me for a good half hour whenever I returned home after an extended trip. After my allotted punishment was over (and I’d had time to think about what I’d done), she was uber cuddly.
    Suzanne recently posted…Trifextra: CaretakerMy Profile

  5. I can relate. I missed a few days last week because I am so behind on everything and just plain pooped. But I still felt like something was missing, big time. I’ve been away from Yeah Write for a few weeks too and that’s just plain weird. I needs me some blogging stability to feel right with the world, ya know?

    PS…adorable kitty pic. Awwwwwww!!
    Linda Roy recently posted…So Unbelievably Smart and Amazing!!My Profile

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