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  1. Wow, what a great concept for a blog…I know it was a prompt, but still, I love what you did with it.

    I had a similar idea about what I would change if I could re-do high school all over again. I was spurred by a outcast girl who Facebook friended me, and comments on all my stuff (but adds little jabs, like, “you weren’t like this in high school.”). I know a version of myself from high school, but it might not be accurate.

    FWI: We all like the you, you’ve become. Experiences, negative/positive all make us who we are. It’s how we respond that give us character.
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  2. Natalie, I love this. Your post reminds me of how I felt when I reconnected with an old, dear friend.. We hadn’t seen or heard from each other in like 15 years and found each other on FB. When we reconnected, it was like no time had passed, and I thought we are both so different from who we were when we knew each other in high school, yet we are also exactly the same as we were.
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  3. Great description, Natalie, that I think anyone can identify with. I think this is what I was trying to write about as well. Being many me’s all at once but also not being them, you know what I mean?
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  4. Identity is personal and unique as long as it’s honest. It seems like you’ve figured it all out.

    I write about this a lot. As long as you know who and what you are, then you have life taken care of.
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