Being Back


I took an unexpected vacation last week. After BlogHer, a trip I’m still processing because I’m a slow learner when it comes to emotional stuffage, I felt very adrift, clinging to my sense of self with one hand. With no … Continue reading →

Can You Hear Me?

heroic tales

“I have a movie for us to watch,” I too-casually mentioned as we crawled into bed after another soul-crushing week. “Oh yeah? What is it?” Mike asked, squirreling around under the bed covers as he did every night, trying to … Continue reading →


Would you buy a used car from this guy? I certainly would. That's how much I like him.

Synchronicity.  Though not an entirely new concept to me, it’s one I’ve been exploring and experiencing lately. No, I did not just come up with this on my own – I may be creative, but I’m not that creative. I first encountered … Continue reading →

Why I Am No Longer Advertising

Screen shot of my advertisement on The Bloggess' page. Yes, I'm very far down the list.

Last November, I made the decision to advertise this little blog a few places, hoping that I’d gain new readers and wider exposure. Six months was the internal deadline I set for myself when I started, knowing that at that … Continue reading →

Blogging Genesis

This blog started out as a life-preserver I threw myself. Going to school for something much grander than what I ended up doing, I settled for a menial job instead of a mentally stimulating, challenging career; the absolute last scenario … Continue reading →

Blogging: Wrangling a Strange Beast

I am not the first person to make this observation, but blogging and writing are two distinctive pursuits. I am a trained writer. I know what I’m doing with the word things and the grammar-ness, for the most part, even … Continue reading →