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Synchronicity.  Though not an entirely new concept to me, it’s one I’ve been exploring and experiencing lately. No, I did not just come up with this on my own – I may be creative, but I’m not that creative. I first encountered this term studying Jung, then really started contemplating it while practicing The Artist’s Way. Yes, I studied Jung, he’s my favorite psychotherapist. Leave me alone.

Would you buy a used car from this guy? I certainly would. That's how much I like him.
Would you buy a used car from this guy? I certainly would. That’s how much I like him.

Synchronicity for this purpose is the idea that it is natural to create and be creative, and as such God (or the universe, or the Force, or whatever) delights in creation, and will provide whatever you need for productive creativity.

Now. I know this whole concept sounds hippie-ish and New-Agey – I KNOW – but all it really conveys is the idea that creation is a natural part of being human, and as such we should move in faith that our creativity is a positive addition to the world. If we hold back out of fear or self-doubt, we will accomplish very little. Which is true, because not taking chances yields zero results in my experience. I am an expert in not taking chances.

So. I have been moving in faith, and already I saw an immediate result, which is CRAZY. I mean, CRAZY. Usually, I just wish for things and get all cynical and pouty when they don’t materialize. But in this case, it was like God telling me, “Okay, you took a chance? I see your chance and I raise you one answered wish.”

Namely, I have been trying to break into freelance writing, oh, since the dawn of time before I started this blog. So far, I’ve been mostly unsuccessful and only half-assing my attempts; you know, just wishing someone would discover me, like a Hollywood starlet.  Naturally, this has not been the path to success for me. However, last week, my boss at my real-life job asked me to write something for her: a big project, almost like a non-fiction narrative. You know, like being paid to write.


It may not be exactly how I envisioned – sitting in my pajamas at the computer, or writing from a cafe in Rome, or even writing on topics about which I’m passionate, like travel or unicorn mythology – but this is something I can legitimately put on a résumé as a stepping stone to something larger. Though not the career I envisioned during college, I am at this job for a reason. Maybe this is that reason.

So anyway, that is my update from my wacky corner of the universe. Have you ever experienced a meaningful coincidence, like Dr. Jung describes in Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious?

Why am I the only person here who has read that?

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