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Performance Anxiety — 51 Comments

  1. oh my gosh, can I ever relate to those thoughts of doubt! I always feel that way when I’m asked to do something. I’m also a painter. I used to have some stuff in a gallery and I was fine painting for myself…but if someone wanted me to do something for them, I completely froze. I still have trouble doing it. The only time it doesn’t bother me to paint for others is if I’m doing it as a gift, or when I’m teaching a class with kids. You are so brave, Natalie! Congrats!
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  2. What a cool concept during church. I haven’t seen any of your art since your early days blogging on here (Am I delusional?). So good job on being brave. I’ve lead worship many times, and it’s always a difficult to go out there (even though I teach everyday with an audience).

    My mother is a professional artist and I don’t get many opportunities to promote her work. Her artwork can be seen at margaretplumb(dot)com
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    • No, I’ve been keeping my work under-wraps since I stopped doing landscapes. I’m not very confident in my new stuff, but I feel like I’m learning and taking the risks I didn’t in earlier years.
      And I didn’t know that about your mom! I’m going to check out her work now…

  3. Self-doubt is such a rotten little bugger. It’s always popping up around me too, but I loved how you told this story. How once you got going it just flowed. I would love to see the work. Also, I think I’d like to stop by your church sometime. That’s such a unique concept to paint during the sermon. Very cool.

  4. You are an artist. Just as you skillfully and artfully painted a picture of your experience with the words in this essay, so too did you transform that blank canvas into something masterful and intriguing, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what you created on that canvas.
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  5. Loved this and that you took the chance and put yourself — the you you are now — out there. This line in particular struck me: “Back when my faith was strong and I had no questions about my place in the world.”

  6. I was so there with you, even though I haven’t done anything like that. I loved your description of the colors and your motions. I’m so glad you posted the painting!

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