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    The Sacred Arts,  This is Me

    Performance Anxiety

    I can’t do it. There will be professional artists in the audience. What if they see how amateurish I am? I’ve never taken an art class. Ever. I may be an artist, but I am not a skilled artist. These are the thoughts that raced through my mind when the associate pastor at the church we’ve been attending asked me to paint during the worship service. However, you could really insert this conversation into my head any time someone asked me to perform a skill. Case in point: Times I’ve been asked to play the piano at weddings/funerals/plays/church. Times I’ve been asked to sing on the worship team. When I’ve been asked why I don’t do…

  • Young Me & Cat
    Family Dynamics,  General Lunacy

    “Get Boys to Like You and Be Popular!”

    Everyone read them. The magazines, I mean. All the girls at school had them. If I was lucky, a friend would let me borrow hers during lunch or maybe, if she was done reading it, give it to me. I’d cut out pictures of Jared Leto and tape them to my wall. I’d pore over every word, from the editor’s letter to the “What’s Your Guy-Snagging Style?” quiz. Thankfully, I always fell into the middle range, neither too forward nor too shy – but only because I cheated. This is how I got my first copy, in fact. From a friend, I mean. It had already been cut up in a…


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