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  1. I haven’t seen most of these films, and I think it’s because of what you first said: most people dislike dark comedies. The movies I watch are mostly by word of mouth, and the only one on that list suggested to me was The Big Lebowski. I enjoyed it, and I also enjoyed American Beauty. Maybe I’m a closeted dark comedy lover? You’ve got me intrigued…Netflix here I come!

  2. Oh Natalie – the more I learn about you the better I like you! I am also drawn to dark comedies, as well as quirky indie films. Must be because Hitchcock movies were the first movies I saw. I haven’t seen the first ones you listed, but I will be sure to do so. Loved 4WAAF and BAR. And what about Inglorious Bastards and No Country For Old Men? 🙂 Oh, and most of Nicholas Cage’s stuff….brilliant!

  3. I adore a Hitchcock film … even if its just to look for his cameo…even the ridiculously old ones with all the crackling in the sound room! BUt I loved most of these fims too. I havent seen the Brad Pitt one but other than that Ive seen them all…I just didnt like 4 Wedding and a Funeral so much.

  4. Of this list, I’ve seen American Beauty, The Big Lebowski, and Burn After Reading. The only one I don’t own is TBL. Delicatessen is another really good one (it’s subtitled). Our favorite holiday movie is The Ref, which Kevin Spacey is also in. And although I’m not a fan of Nic Cage, he totally rocks Bringing Out the Dead.

  5. I’m teaching Catcher in the Rye in my Honors 10 class, and I was mentioning how The Royal Tenenbaums is based off the Glass family from J.D. Salinger’s other works…then I got into a great discussion with the four kids who had seen Tenebaums. I wasted at least six minutes of class…but a few kids are going to Netflix it now. That’s inspiration.

    Agree on Hitchcock…Not a frame of film was wasted with him at the helm. Dial M for Murder, N. by NW, Man Who Knew Too Much, Suspicion…I have a man-crush on that man.

  6. I need to see a lot of those. A Fish Called Wanda is wonderful. Makes me sad that the Monty Python troupe had gotten older and not produced much since. And always loved Four Weddings and a Funeral. Always made me think of the cast of characters I went to law school with.

  7. Fun list. I love The Royal Tenenbaums and have lost track of how many times I’ve seen it. Add I Heart Huckabees to your collection. And Ben Stiller’s Flirting with Disaster.

    • I can quote a lot of that movie, I’ve seen it so many times. I keep hearing that I need to see I Heart Huckabees – thanks for reminding me to put it back on the list! And I’d never heard of the Ben Stiller one…

  8. No surprise, I love Hitchcock movies (is that Grace Kelly Rear Window Barbie still available?). My favorite might be Notorious. Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Claude Raines. Contains one of my favorite zingers, “We are protected by the enormity of your stupidity.”

  9. Love your list of films. Check. But I HATED American Beauty! In fact, when it won Best Picture that year, I knew the Academy and I had parted ways. Too quietly disturbing. Love Quentin Tarentino films- dark dark witty. A perfect combo.

  10. I haven’t seen most of these but I loved American Beauty! And now I want to check out the Brad Pitt one. That picture is hilarious. Oh and I love the last line that not being able to hook your VHS up to the TV says all we need to know about you. Awesome.

  11. I love anything and everything the Coen brothers do. And Four Weddings has always been a favorite – starting from the time I went through my Hugh Grant phase. The scene eulogy scene…W.H. Auden’s “Funeral Blues” “Stop all the clocks…” one of my favorite pieces of celluloid of all time.

  12. My boyfriend is someone who has barely watched any movies. He’s only watched the extremely geeky and super goofy. I’ve been trying to get him to watch American Beauty. I think it’s so darkly arresting that he won’t be able to help but get swept into it. Plus, it’s been years since I’ve watched it, so it’ll be like watching it all over again. Love this list.

  13. Great list, Natalie! I really enjoyed American Beauty and several others on your list. Of course, Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorites! “This is my adopted daughter…” Hilarious. Margot was a terrific character.
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