A Trip to the Hospital: Part II

Medical Money

See here for the first part of the story. – – – My mom and I sat side by side in hard plastic chairs, listening to the social worker go on about why I didn’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. … Continue reading →

The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Me at the Ranch

I’m not a terribly brave person. If anything, I’m rather cowardly. Exhibit A: I flee from confrontation Exhibit B: The thought of a spider crawling across my arm sends me into apoplectic shock Exhibit C: A crowded room makes me want to crawl … Continue reading →

A Trip to the Hospital

No Insurance

“I’m okay,” I said, taking a gulping breath. The counselor tilted her head slightly, looking at me quizzically. “Are you sure? You look like you’re having trouble breathing.” “Yes,” I said. I took another gulping breath. “Well, okay then. Let … Continue reading →

The Cat Lady, AKA Kurtz

Man, have I been in a weird place lately. I’ve spent the entirety of 2013 sick, what a mind-trip (never mind that it’s only been seventeen days, who asked you?). Being sick for weeks at a time, pretty much since … Continue reading →

Fooled Again!

Every time I think I learn my lesson, I get knocked flat on my bum again. I know, I KNOW that if I do too much, try to accomplish everything on my list and work from dawn until dusk, that … Continue reading →

WTF, Bubonic Plague?

Holy God, someone just had the Bubonic Plague. Someone in AMERICA. I thought modern science whipped that guy’s ass, am I right? WTFH, you guys??? Sorry, I’m just FREAKING OUT a little bit. I remember studying the Bubonic Plague in middle … Continue reading →