Deadly Diseases

Fooled Again!

Every time I think I learn my lesson, I get knocked flat on my bum again. I know, I KNOW that if I do too much, try to accomplish everything on my list and work from dawn until dusk, that I get sick. This is just the reality of living with a chronic illness. Those of you who suffer a similar malady, you know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, you are so lucky and can we trade bodies for a while?

The problem is, I get fooled into thinking I don’t have a problem. My body, so healthy looking on the outside, and my mind, so chock full of ideas and lists off of which items need be checked, all seem okay until they aren’t okay. Go ahead, run all your errands and clean your house and organize your office and design shelving units for said office.  I’ll have you in my clutches eventually. (That’s the germs talking, in case you were wondering. Yes, germs talk. They’re so mean.)

So here I am, on my couch again, watching a Sex and the City marathon because I’m incapable of getting up or even writing (this doesn’t count as writing – this is me saying hi because I miss you – being sick is lonely business). I’m coughing up things I won’t describe to you because I like you and want you to come back. I’m determined to make myself healthy enough to go to work in the morning, but these types of resolutions aren’t always realistic…we’ll see though, because I’m awfully stubborn and stupid a slow learner.

More later. My headache is expanding beyond my sinuses now and threatening to play the drums on my cerebral cortex…

Advil is a healthy dinner, right?


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