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    • I’ve been thinking a lot about healthcare lately, and I seem run into it everywhere, your post included.
      I actually wasn’t even going to write about it today – I just sat down and it wrote itself. It seems timely, what with the impending gov’t shutdown over the whole thing…

  1. Oh Nat. you commented on my insurance conundrum recently and I totally understand your conflict here. I have decided never again will money be the issue with my health care. Not because I can afford it, but because it just shouldn’t happen like this. You did a great job on this post… I have to say I was and still am a bit anxious after the read…I think I may be breathing a bit more deeply!

  2. The healthcare system…it just what can I say?…saddens, angers, frustrates me?! That you had to stop and think about that when you were going through so much? That so many people have to do the same? That when my son was diagnosed, the diagnosis was horrible and then “oh yeah…and how are we going to pay for it?” Thank God they had to take you and thank god we got state assistance. Thank God. But healthcare aside, the way your friends and fellow patients at rehab took care of you – rallied around you – that’s beautiful stuff. And I’m so sorry you went through that and so glad you came out of it. Hugs to you, my friend. xoxo
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    • I know. It makes me mad that on top of everything else, I had to worry about that. Thank God, THANK GOD your son could receive care without it breaking you financially.
      Yes, the people at the Ranch were amazingly supportive. They even rallied around and sent a card & care package, these people who had nothing. It was like family.

    • I know, my entire adult life I worked whether I was sick or not, and only went to the doctor in emergencies. On top of being poor, I couldn’t get coverage even if I could afford it – no one would insure me because of past health problems. The whole thing is sick.

  3. My heart breaks when I hear stories like this or when I hear about a little boy dying in the midwest due to a tooth infection and an insurance conundrum. I’m glad you went to the hospital.
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  4. Oh honey! I’m so glad you are ok now and writing so awesomely about it. But what an awful experience to be sick and not have insurance and probably getting judged b/c of rehab. Kudos for getting through that dark tunnel!
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  5. Ugh, just reading this made it hard for me to breathe…both because of insurance anxiety and because of bronchitis and pneumonia. Ack.
    But…you obviously survived and made it all the way through and there’s a happy ending because I saw the picture that just came in the mail, so…
    Still. I hope you do write the follow up.
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  6. Awesome post. So well done. Sucks you had to go through that….that anyone has to go through that. I remember the days…UGH. No insurance sucks balls. It’s so scary. I’m beyond grateful for it now, but ever so aware that not everyone has that luxury.
    Looking forward to your follow up post!
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