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WTF, Bubonic Plague? — 18 Comments

  1. HILARIOUS blog today! Not that I rejoice from your pain, but I am a fan of making light of our biggest fears and exploring over the top nightmares in comical ways- It’s a little lethargic that way. I had to refrain myself from googling puss filled pics of boils. Mostly because I ALREADY spent two hours researching global genocides today…. I watched “In the land of Blood and Honey” earlier (so I’m blaming the movie). Only allowing myself one horrific obsession a day.

    • How could I NOT write about the Plague when it comes up on a major news outlet? It’s the obvious conclusion that that’s what I’ll have next, right? Unless I get lucky and it’s only bird flu or something.

      And it’s wise of you, little rabbit, to heed my advice and NOT Google it, especially in view of the earlier genocide romp through the web. It was disturbing, even for me.

  2. Holy crap… I had completely forgotten that the Bubonic Plague was a thing. That’s some intensely scary shit. Right up there with caterpillars and necrotizing faciitis. Which I suppose I could have just typed “flesh eating bacteria” or “microzombies” but the actual term is quite fun to say and, sadly, I seldom get to use it in a sentence.

  3. And this is why I’m a dog person… Hey, my Mike might be like yours when it comes to fake wrestling, but YOU are like Mike here. If I told Mike people still get the Bubonic plague he would be sure he had it about 24 hours later. (though it seems you actually get it… he just spends too much time on WebMD….)

    • I personally try to avoid WebMD, it just further confuses me. The last time I consulted with it, I had Ricin poisoning (really turned out to be a sinus infection – way less glamorous). I am strictly a self-diagnoser. Like right now, I am claiming the pain in my finger joints is arthritis, even though I have no confirmation that this is the case.

  4. I can’t wait to hear about your medical history one of these days! I always thought I had the worst immune system on the planet (I even named them “immunes” because I feel that I probably have enough to humanely count and a major need to protect each and every last one of them). I’m glad I’m not alone.

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  6. I was quarantined for the bubonic Plague when I was a peace corps volunteer in Mongolia. The quarantine lasted three weeks and I ran out of food for my cat, although a local family made sure to feed me from their extensive stock pile that the stupid American never believed in building. It’s carried on the fleas that live on marmots and I swear there is a public service campaign to not shoot the “slow marmot” and eat it.

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