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  1. I really feel bad laughing at your recounting of your illness, but it’s just so darn funny! I hope you feel better and that your bark dissipates cos if you are anywhere near me in public and I hear that, I’ll put my scarf over my face and give you a dirty look just in case you’re still contagious!

  2. I love how you can even make sickness sound sharp and interesting. Sometimes I even have to look up a word or two from your posts, like saturnine. Spot me some brain cells? I’ve been out of school too long.

  3. I used to work at a grocery store similar to whole foods. We had organic deli meats…I wish I could laugh at that clip, but to be honest I think it triggered some PTSD and memories I had buried from working there lol

    • That’s how I feel about when I used to work at the bakery – taking cake orders over the phone was a pretty traumatic experience for me, since it was all verbal. “You want a ball-shape on your cake, but NOT a ball?” Just thinking about it and my heart rate elevates.

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! (Sorry about your friend.) I can relate to the occasional funk AND the accompanying need to write a long, despairing diatribe. I think it is a good thing to get that stuff out of you and down on paper (even if it’s virtual paper). But when you’re finished, step away. Don’t hit “Send” or “Publish.” Wait. Sometimes the purge is all you need, even if no one else sees it. Other times, you might want to go ahead and share, maybe an edited version even. But by waiting a while, you can look at what you’ve written a little more objectively and figure out if it is something really just for you or if someone else might benefit from it, too. Hugs to you!

  5. It’s amazing how situations in life can bring us to such a different state than we were in just 30 minutes ago. I got some potential not-so-good news yesterday about a family member and it’s already made me question so many things in my life re: my priorities and things I do. While hoping everything turns out OK, I’m thankful for the reality check at the same time. great post!

  6. Sorry to hear about your classmate. It’s such an eerie feeling when someone goes too soon. Hope you start feeling better soon! I feel like everyone here has that damn cold! I’m honestly shocked I haven’t caught it yet, though, it’s probably due to the fact that my unemployed ass sits in my apartment all day! (I’ve subbed the last two days with the youngest and germiest of kiddos–Kinder & 1st–at a school that has been hit with the flu, so I’m guessing my luck won’t be held out for long.)

  7. Is it bad that I want to hear your rant? (can it be sent to me secretly? 😉 I went through this myself last week and needed a serious break and visited my mom.
    I think it can be great though, sometimes you just have to let it out/ make a decision to actively change whatever it is that bothers you/ and start a new day refressed and optimistic yeah? 😀

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