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  1. Greg read the first two books a while back, and he said they were good, but he didn’t persuade me the way you did! It really makes a difference to have a writer, such as yourself, explain why I should read a book. I’m currently in a book void where none of my to-read books sound appealing at the moment, and I think I found my filler, so thank you!

    Also, Mike should totally find you a direwolf and take advantage of the fact that you’re actually asking for a dog. 😉

    Oh, and I grieved at the end of Harry Potter. Each turn of the page was a wrench to my heart.

    • Oh yea, I forgot about good old Mr. Potter – that was another series I cried over when I got to the end. That was about two years ago? How could I forget? I’m disappointed in myself.
      Yes, the LEAST Mike could do is get me an imaginary animal for Christmas. It’s not asking too much.

  2. I read all of Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. They aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but after that many books you really feel like you know the characters personally, so I get the panic you feel at reaching the end. Also, Etsy is bad ass.

  3. Post-book grief? Absolutely. After a really good read, I can’t pick up anything new for a while, like it would be disrespectful to the book to move on too quickly and hurt its book feelings. Plus, the longer I put off diving into something new, the longer I get to dwell in that lovely world believing the characters are people I really know.

    Sigh. I miss so many fictional people.

    • Me too, Lindsey, me too. But I am a book whore, in that I have to jump into the next book right away before the other one is even a memory. I know, I’m a slut. If a day goes by where I don’t have something I’m reading, I get all panicky and my OCD comes out. There’s always something in my queue…I haven’t NOT had a book to read ever. In my life. And this is not an exaggeration, either.

  4. I’m on the last book of The Hunger Games. I INHALED the first two harder than a hooker sucks down a pack of Virgina Slims. Now I can’t bring myself to open the cover because I know I’ll inhale this one, too, and then it’ll be over forever. This makes me sad.
    However, I now have a glimmer of hope reading this post, as you’re the third person that has said something awesome about Game of Thrones this week. I’m taking that as a sign from my beloved Alternate Reality Gods that I’ll have a new place to escape to once The Hunger Games are over. This pleases me.

    • Yes, and you’ll be reading these books forever because they’re so. freaking. long. I’m starting to confuse them with reality, and talk in a Westerosi accent about the dragon eggs across the narrow sea. It’s sad when that’s more real to you than your real life of PCs and TPS reports and all that other awful work crap.
      I forgot about The Hunger Games because I read on vacation in a three day orgy of books and Pop Tarts. When that was over I was planning out my apocalypse survival strategy.

  5. Oh happy day, I can’t wait to start these books! Unlike watching the HBO series, I can decide whether or not to picture all the boobies and cooties!! (which I will decide NOT to because I’m prudish like that)

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  7. Oh yeah. I know this post-book grief thing very well. When I finished the Honor Harrington series by David Weber, it was a struggle. After the Deed of Paksinarrion series by Elizabeth Moon and her Command and [several novels] I was equally left listless and lost. *sigh* Better to have loved and lost…
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