Christmas spirit mostly comes naturally to me. As I explained in this post, it is linked to being chosen of God having a Christmas birthday as well as loving miracles and Jesus and thoughtful gift-giving and caroling and baking cookies and live trees present in the house, etc. I am like a toned-down version of Buddy the Elf, or rather a wide-eyed child awash with unbridled joy.

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

This year I’ve been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Some years are like that, where it just doesn’t seem like Christmas time despite the decorated tree in the living room and the congested parking lot at Target. Part of it is my usual avenue of instant-Christmas-spirit infusion is cut off to me. My secret trick? Listening to Christmas music in my car. Sometimes singing along. Loudly. Everyday. I positively reek of holiday cheer after the first week. Unfortunately this year Juanita’s stereo has crapped out and refuses to function, leaving me in defenseless silence.

I’m sure some of my Christmas doldrums also has to do with the tragedy in Connecticut, which is still making me sad-faced. To be honest though, I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas magic even before that, so I can’t just dump all the blame there. As much as I love shoving blame elsewhere than my doorstep…

Also, everything also seems more commercialized this year. Blah. Is is me, or with the pushing up of Black Friday into Thanksgiving Day itself does it seem as if turning a profit means more than holiday celebration? Or anything, for that matter? That makes me unhappy. I kind of wish I knew martial arts so I could open up a can of whoop-ass on big-money corporations.

Me and Bruce Lee, taking on big money.

Last night, however, Mike swooped in and saved the day, as he often does.

See this little Christmas miracle here?

Ho ho ho.

As soon as he pulled it out of the Petco bag, I cackled with glee.

Christmas came early to our house.

She hated it intensely for the first few hours.

Get. This. Thing. Off.

Then after a few hours forgot it was on.

Don’t let her gentle appearance fool you, she’s a ferocious beast.

She jingled as she strode throughout the house, like a purveyor of Christmas miracles.

See, Mimi has a wild streak running through her. She refuses to be cuddled unless it’s on her terms, and she hops around more than any cat I’ve ever encountered. So her independent nature renders this floppy little item completely ridiculous looking on her. Like putting an antler headband on a lion.

Merry Christmas y’all, I’m back! Who wants to sing a harmonized a Capella of “White Christmas”? I’ll handle the harmonies, Mimi will be the tambourine.

Oh lighten up, Mimi.



Scrooge Or Buddy the Elf: A Study in Duality — 6 Comments

  1. Not feeling super Christmas-y this year either for whatever reason. Last year I made ornaments, cookies, gingerbread houses… this year my bf had to twist my arm to even get a tree. I know part of the reason is I wasn’t ready to admit that summer was really over. This year went by sooo fast.
    Cat flair is the best 🙂

  2. Love it, love it, love it, and what a sport Mimi is…for allowing you not to allow her to get that thing off 🙂 Murphy’s going to get an overdose of pictures taken since this is his first Christmas with us…I can’t wait.

    Elf is at the top of my favorite Christmas movie list. Favorite line… “Smiling’s my favorite!”

    It’s mine, too, Buddy. It’s mine, too.

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