My Inner Zooey — 13 Comments

  1. I think that those women actually have a legion of hyperactive elves on hand to do all the chores. They are terribly difficult to catch, but once under your control they can easily manage a household. I think Martha Stewart has the largest captive breeding colony on record!

    Feel better soon, and good luck with the Christmas card project! One thing at a time, right?

  2. I applaud you for being aware that it may be time to take stock again – not everyone recognizes that and then they blink and find themselves back in familiar territory. You’re wiser now than you were in your other life, so don’t sell yourself short. And nobody has it as together as it appears…this is like a rule in life to remember. I’d like to believe that when I’m 90 years old, I’ll look back at the things I could never quite get to that stressed me the hell out, and laugh at how silly I was to think those things were ever all that important to begin with. I don’t mean the stuff like spending time with people you love or doing what you love, but the being ON all the time kind of stuff. (It’s hilarious that I’m spouting this off to you while I worry myself into pieces constantly over things that don’t deserve it.)

    Can I also say how happy I was to see Zooey’s name in this title? Because I freaking love her, and New Girl is one of my favorite excuses to stare at the TV for 30min. a week (aside from Dexter, Walking Dead, Parenthood, Criminal Minds, and all those silly singing shows I can’t stop watching – damn, I watch a lot of TV).

    Also, I’m sorry about your ribs…heal quickly!

  3. Take pride in the fact that you do have a card put together! (and I bet it was fun choosing a design and picture) Little things like that can help turn your sad face into a smile…or at least a creepy grimace.

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