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  1. Ouch! See, I knew there was a reason I hadn’t started working out. I’m sorry you’re hurt, but I enjoyed this post! I can completely relate to why Mimi wasn’t allowed to accompany you for pictures. Bloody is a great description,I have many healing wounds from herding cats! Anyway, I am glad you aren’t giving up on the holiday spirit. And I’m looking forward to pictures of your perfect tree!

  2. That sounds so painful, and sucky that you have to wait it out for so long. Hopefully the pain goes away much sooner than three weeks. However, enjoy the corset while you can!! 🙂

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  4. What a craptastic day, and then Juanita? People are jerks. Good for you for being determined to have a good holiday season. I can’t wait to get our tree this week…you’re right, the smell of a Christmas tree in the living room is like nothing else. Be sure to post a photo!

    • I KNOW! Why would someone break into a ghetto-ass car like Juanita? Because people are jerks.
      The photos are coming, although the tree looks less impressive in photos – partially because we don’t have enough lights, and partially because we don’t have a star for the top of the tree yet…haven’t found the right one!

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