The Cat Lady’s day off. Not to be confused with Ferris Bueller. — 13 Comments

  1. I love your poem! Hope you get to another country one day. Australia sure does sound nice right now. 🙂

    Shit I don’t put up with: throwing away recyclables and people who linger too long up in my personal space…seriously, take a step back peeps! I don’t need to feel your breath on my face as we speak.

  2. I’m glad you took some time away. For some reason there is this theory among bloggers that blogging everyday is necessary for google recognition. So they just keep pumping out average or bad content (which is the real google rank killer).

    Somehow, you’ve been able to put out quality posts at a high rate, which is a testiment to your unique voice. But it’s never bad to sit back and recharge those creative synapses.

    I, for one, would get incredibly annoyed at French culture (although in fairness to the Frenchies, they would absolutely hate me). Maybe it’s because I’m a history major, and their history sucks.

    • But the food, Chris, the food! 😉
      And I sort of like their history, because it’s entertaining, like a soap-opera of chaos and terrible monarchs…
      I know, I know, blogging success doesn’t depend on a post every day – I am kind of like Rain Man in that I set a schedule and I stick to it, come sickness or hell or high water. It’s a mental block. Plus I don’t want to be accused of *gasp* flakiness, the typical affliction of the Los Angeles native.

  3. Good for you!! Your “day off” sounds a lot like my days off, packed full of doing anything but doing nothing, but nevertheless relaxing and heavenly. Honestly I try to take atleast 2.5 days off a week- and they hardly ever coincide neatly with Dan’s days off or a “normal” work schedule… my Piscean sign makes me overly sensitive to overwhelm and chaos and if I don’t set aside days to simply do the things that restore my soul and give me the feeling that things are in order (even if it’s cleaning the house or running errands) I an prone to full-blown meltdowns over the dumbest things. I’ve found simply taking a half day or a few hours off work and commitments is easier than explaining my crazy nervous breakdowns to my husband.

    P.S. Dan and I have been working on our master plan to get to New Zealand since last March. They get a minimum of 6 weeks off a year and they are desperately seeking young, healthy skilled “migrant workers” (teachers, nurses, software programmers, construction workers) because so many people have moved to Australia or Europe to the US. NZ by 2015! 🙂

    • OH MY GOSH what a great plan! NZ by 2015!! You’ve sold me on it.

      And thank you for making me feel better about my need for days off. I too need moments of calm for my soul, and it blows me away that not everyone acknowledges this as a need. People like to dismiss emotional and spiritual health, but it’s just as important as physical health.

  4. My boss, who is a workaholic, loves to make subtle digs that I’m lazy. When I think about my insane amount of side projects this makes me laugh. Oh well. Id like to be in Spain or south America someday, they know how to live!

    • I know!! When I get home from work, I work some more at what I consider my “real” career. There’s more to life than work…
      And I have always wanted to go to Spain. It’s high on my where-to-next list. Then I can finally fit in with my lispy Spanish, for which I get made fun of at work.

  5. Glad you took your day off. You really need a few!

    I didn’t know Mike was related to some Aussies – I feel even more stalker-connected now! 🙂

    We get four weeks of paid holiday a year (not necessarily all at once!), which accumulate if you don’t use them, and ten paid sick days per year which don’t accumulate. That is the minimum standard. Depending on where you work as to whether you get more. My mother’s job gives her six weeks. And we get paid maternity leave. And quite a few public holidays. We still complain though.

    Sorry. COME LIVE HERE. (Autocorrect changed that to “come love here”, which is fine as well)

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