All I Want is a Brad Pitt Impersonator for My Thirtieth Birthday. Is that Really Too Much to Ask? — 8 Comments

  1. I can totally see the Fiona Apple comparison! And good thing your face works to keep impersonators from picking on you (too much). This post brought back a memory of one of my college roommates: she loved Elvis, and would take me to Elvis impersonator shows. One time, one of the old, fatter, and by the end of the night, sweatier, versions of Elvis blatantly asked her out and gave her his number. It was so gross and awkward, but I think it made all her dreams come true.

    • It’s a skill I’ve mastered, like rejecting advances from creepy men with my ice queen exterior.
      And I think if an aging, sweaty Elvis impersonator asked for my number, I might vomit on his shiny white poly-blend jumpsuit. On purpose.

  2. This is the thing about impersonators::they’re the only ones that think they look like the person and THINK they are the person.

    I went to a fish festival (dont’ ask) and there were about 20 Johny Depp wannabes. They all thought they WERE Cap’n Jack Sparrow.


    Paunchy rod stewart impersonator? Just ewww….

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