I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned that I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this week, have I? Have I mentioned how overwhelmed I get when I have events at my house? Well, picture Chernobyl and Armageddon mashed with episodes of Top Chef and Three’s Company and that’s how I get before I host an event. I think it’s the monumental task of working full-time, writing half-time, raising two growing animals and being a raging perfectionist/psycho-on-meds that turns me into a frazzled ball of useless energy – yet I still want to have things at my house. Don’t you wish you could live with me?

I’ve spent this entire weekend from sun-up to sun-down cleaning the house, shopping for supplies, checking recipes, pre-making some of the entrées, working in the yard and loudly singing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, so I’ve only just sat down to visit my precious blog.

Also the washing machine chose last night to explode in a fury of dirty blankets and soapy water, so there’s that, too.

Hence this half-post today.

I also have not put away any of the laundry in the last three weeks, so the pile of clean clothes in my office just keep growing and growing. On the plus side, this sight greeted me in the morning:

Tanks for leavin out da cleen clothes, mama, so I can be adorables jest for you. I luvs you.

On the minus side:

Mountainous crap-ton of laundry that might bury me alive this week. And a hula hoop.

So it was a busy weekend where I did not accomplish enough, but I’d still call it a success because there was a Rod Stewart impersonator involved. That, however, is a story to-be-continued.

Sorry, you’ll just have to wait.



Exploding Washing Machines and Rod Stewart Impersonators — 6 Comments

  1. The horror… the horror… (that is cleaning for family members)
    With friends over, eh, you can leave a few pairs a shoes lying around without anyone acting like you fail at life
    Happy that all I have to worry about this year is sitting in traffic

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