What NOT to Do on a Trip to New York. Or Anywhere. — 20 Comments

  1. Awww, the lake! That’s where my husband proposed – not IN the lake, but on its edge. Fantastic post. Hunger fatigue/psychosis is a real bitch. I’m glad your hubs is smart enough to force-feed when he senses danger. Mine could use a lesson in that. And to be completely honest, if the picture of you in Ninja is you looking like the bride of an iconic vampire, I’m not sure I can talk to you anymore.

    • Really?? How romantic! So you understand why I was so nuts that Mike see it! Yes, Mike learned the hard way what happens when I don’t eat on a regular basis, so he knew exactly how to handle the situation.
      And YES! I look pallid and dark-eye-circled in that picture! And I’m trying valiantly to hide my cold sore! I feel like at any moment I will jump out of the frame and turn people into succubi! Or is it incubi?

  2. I foolishly wore cute shoes on honeymoon. Walking tour of Rome on the first day – I had hardly any feet left, it was all blister. I hadn’t bought any of those fancy blister plasters because I thought they were a waste of money, but after the second day I caved and sent hubby traipsing the entire length of Rome to find some. Best decision ever – 9 miles of the Vatican museums was virtual painless, whereas without them I could barely limp.

  3. Airborne and Abreva are the two products I don’t cheap out on, so I’m glad to read your post and feel validated in that decision. Although, Target’s Up&Up Airborne works remarkably the same, and of course, for cheaper than the usual $1 per tablet. I highly recommend it!

  4. Oh you should link this up with FTSF! This is hilarious – I love it! You can still link it up today if you want. The feet – I cannot have painful feet. We went to Niagara Falls last year and I forgot my tennis shoes and only had my sandals – awful. I couldn’t even walk to the falls. It was miserable.

  5. This was hilarious and will say being a New York all my life most of these I knew, but loved the spin you put on them. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope to see you back next week 🙂

  6. Good suggestions all. When you said you bought your shoes on ebay, my feet cringed for yours. There is nothing worse than pained feet when you have so much walking to do. (FTSF)

  7. Sounds like a day you’re not likely to forget for a loooong time, lol! It’s weird how we do /don’t do things to get the perfect shot. Well, I say – well worth it, blisters and all. These pictures are great, and loved your description of things to not do in New York. I’ll keep them in mind if we ever get there. 🙂

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