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    Saving the World, One Poem at a Time

    I just wrote a post that left me in tears. How could I publish something so ranty, so raw and so potentially argument provoking? I hit save, closed my laptop, and walked away to have my cry out. Here I am again. I’m very upset over not just the government shutdown and the lives in turmoil because of it, but over the reactions of people I know. I have never seen such vitriol, such a lack of compassion. It gets to me. But after a good cry and a good think, I decided that the world doesn’t need another rant from someone who has been hurt by what’s going on…

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    Getting Involved

    I wasn’t involved in politics during college. Usually a formative time in a young adult’s life, during the peak of activism and youthful passion I abstained from what I perceived as a low-returns endeavor. To tell you the truth, I was far too busy working full-time, studying and writing papers to notice much of anything. For about ten years of my life, I didn’t really watch TV, didn’t listen to the news, didn’t even know what was going on in the world. This is why I have only recently discovered shows like The West Wing and Lost (how did I miss these gems?). Basically, I have lived the past decade in a time capsule.…


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