I have a problem. I don’t really know what I write about, and people are starting to talk.

So I need a pat answer for what to say to people when they ask what my blog is about. I don’t know why it’s so hard to say “the creative process, alcoholism and the crazy shit I do,” but those phrases just refuse to pass my lips when directed to strangers, elderly relatives and coworkers who don’t know about my history of vodka bottles hidden in the closet. Someone at work asked me last week what I wrote about, and I was all, “Um, it’s hard to explain. It’s kind of complicated. Y’know, I write about life. And stuff.” That is so not okay.

Help me brainstorm, people!

Perhaps, “It’s a lifestyle blog detailing the growth of my career in the arts on a personal level.”  But I don’t want people thinking I have the kind of art career for which I get paid.  People get the wrong impression about the arts so easily. Why is it only a career if you get paid? Semantics, if you ask me.

Hmm…maybe “A humorous look at life’s more embarrassing moments. With art. And writing. And sometimes my cat.”  That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily, but it’s a little more on par with the subject matter, no?

I guess I’m going to lose all credibility once I give them the URL, anyway.


This, here, is where the magic happens. Pay no attention to the mess that is my work space.

Watch those blog stats soar, folks!


My Blog in One Sentence. Or Several. — 15 Comments

  1. You can use mine if you want. I tell people that it’s “an eclectic collection of the awesomeness that is me.”
    If I say it to a stranger, they give me a look that says: hmm… I should check that out. She seems like an interesting and not at all psychotic type of person…
    However, when I tell friends, they usually ask if it’s something they should only read when the kids go to bed, or give a look that says: who in their right mind would let YOU publish things online unsupervised?!?

  2. I second the all caps, truly wonderful! But I absolutely understand the awkward blog q&a nonsense… I have responsed on more than one occasion with “I write about being a 20-something girl who likes cooking and crafts and stuff and-whatever-people-in-Europe-love-me!!” Your blog is a reflection of you and the things you love; art, culture, travel, and simply the love of writing. Some people have 10k followers because they post about hairstyles or about cloth diapers or only photos they find online- whatever it is you blog about you have to believe that it’s important, and consistency and content is queen and clever writing is king, and being damn entertaining is simply the icing on top!

  3. ha! I know what you mean! I like Jen’s idea. I was kinda thinking along the same line, but without the mystique. “It’s a blog about me ’cause I’m awesome and people are entertained with my life’s stories.” 🙂

  4. Life. That’s it. You write about life. Your life, your journey and all the ups and down (and cats) that are along the way. Isn’t that what we are all doing, in our own way? 🙂

  5. I have the same problem putting into words what exactly I write about, too. Feeling your pain. But I also like everybody else’s suggestions (especially Vic’s), so I’m absolutely no help at all. You’re welcome.

    Whatever it is, I like reading it and you’re one of the few I read regularly. So congratulations to you!!! (See, I’m pretending to be egotistical…do you think your readers will think I’m pompous now? Crap.)

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