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  1. First time I ever sat down in front of my therapist I told her every lie I’d ever told. Then I realized that 99 percent of them were done drunk/hungover or in between. Now, sober, I can’t lie, even little ones or hold stuff back, I just blurt everything out. My wife doesn’t even tell me what the kids are getting for Christmas, sometimes.

    Maybe that woman turned out that way. we can only hope.

    BTW, I’m 39…okay fine, 43…jerk
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    • I have a hard time keeping in the truth, also. It drives my husband crazy, that sometimes I’m a little too honest…
      I sincerely hoping she turned out okay, that she was able to be honest with herself…that is the only way to get clean. Being honest with yourself.

  2. It certainly was a harmless lie.I didn’t understand why she should be kicked out,when there were people much older were allowed to stay.O look I almost thought it’s true.You are good.Thanks for the story.

  3. Pathological liars lie about everything…. from the smallest to the biggest. They can’t see the distinction. It makes it impossible to trust them, then it makes it hard to trust yourself. The post I wrote about for this challenge was *also* a pathological liar. They’re mind-boggling.
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