The Hypothetical Lottery — 9 Comments

  1. That picture of your future library looks just like mine! Seriously, I’ve always wanted a personal library with a ladder…not sure why. I also want to start drinking scotch and smoking a pipe, but that has more to do with my love of little old men.

    If I won the lottery, I’d travel to all the places I haven’t been yet and buy homes in New Zealand, the Highlands of Scotland, and Florida close to family. Oooooh, a private plane! That’s what I’d buy! That way I could adopt more dog children and bring them with us wherever we went in comfort, and I could go pick up friends and family who wanted to come along, too.

    And maybe a full-body makeover by a master plastic surgeon? Just a little?

    • Yes!! The ladder is a crucial part of the library fantasy.
      And your answers are fantastic, too! Travel is an integral part of my hypothetical lottery fantasy. I love how you just went all pie in the sky with your lottery plans and went for the full-body makeover and the private jet. You win the hypothetical lottery game.

  2. Paying off school debt and family mortgage would have to come first. Then I would get my dream house on a tropical island and a monthly direct-debit account to (crucial for library-building), and live out my days reading and writing on the beach.

    Although if I could buy a functional Tardis? HECK YES.

  3. I’m so boring with how I’d spend my money. Definitely an awesome house fit with a library/office just for me, and rooms for each of my future children and guests. But I think I’d definitely want to invest in my own private jet. With Greg’s family living on the East coast, it’d be so much easier to visit. Maybe I’ll get one for his parents too.

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