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  1. I love this! When I was in school, I was teased for being too short. (Proof that kids are, if anything, fickle.) Finally, after being subjected to one too many insults, I got up and slapped one of my bullies across the face in the middle of math class. While my timing was a little inappropriate, he got the message and left me alone.
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  2. Damn girl! You are my hero. What an awesome ending to your real-life story! Way to stand up for yourself — and I hope that Dean fellow learned his lesson.
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  3. THis reminds me of finding out my bf in college was the six foot son of little people. He had moved out after college and we went to their home one weekend. He didnt know they had gotten rid of all the traditionally sized furniture when he moved. He always said it was like going home to Barbie’s fun house. I love your story …there is nothing like a grammar school triumph story!

  4. That made me smile, probably because I was usually the smallest guy in my class, at least until high school when I finally reached the bottom 15th percentile.
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  5. Back in my day you did just what you did Natalie: you slugged a bully and they learned to leave you alone. These days things are different though. The teachers run anti-bullying campaigns in the schools but my kids still report getting picked on at recess occasionally. When I talk to them about it, they don’t even make the connection between what happens on the playground and what they learn in class. If they ever defended themselves they’d get suspended. I’m left scratching my head over how these anti-bullying campaigns are supposed to be better and more effective than the old system.
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    • They’re not. It’s a way grown-ups try to control everything, which doesn’t work. Sometimes, kids need to learn from experience. Not that I’m against anti-bullying policy, I think it’s important, but I’m in favor of a more integrative approach.

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