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  1. I love your descriptions. You really make this room and the people in it come alive. Great use of “shadow,” “secrets” and “vermin” in the first paragraph to set up the themes you develop.
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  2. I really felt like I was in the room…great use of description. “Filthy apron covering a filthy dress”…”The ale’s soft, yeasty scent wafted off of him in waves so thick I could almost see them.”…loved these and several others.
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  3. I’ve never thought about the paranoia and the sense of doom everyone surely felt then. Your story made me consider that people didn’t know how disease traveled and 24-hour news channels didn’t inform people of the spread.
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  4. I really liked this. The conversation, especially, like the “God’s wounds” expletive, and what Simon says right before he cries. Those sentences were very powerful.

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