Breaking Up with A Drama Queen — 32 Comments

  1. I love the way you’ve arranged the songs in a progression – so clever! And I’m pretty sure Courtney Love is still angry about something. 😉

    Love that Beyoncé song. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and channel her to deal with certain break-ups…
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  2. And she hits it out of the park!!!! I don’t know what makes me happier? That this mix is so awesomely done, that you tell such a great story or that I get to hang with Natalie who I’ve missed so much! I know, I’ve missed you! I’m so happy to hear your voice in my head with this amazing post! I hope you come back again!
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  3. Ah, Fiona, you haunting and frail little thing. She was a true talent, but didn’t learn like Beyonce, that we also like happy songs.

    My list, because I dated a tortured soul in my youth, would’ve included Tonic’s If You Could Only See, and the Verve Pipe’s Freshmen.

    And Cuba Gooding Jr? I don’t miss you.
    Chris plumb recently posted…High School Didn’t Define Me (or Did It?)My Profile

    • I know. You definitely have to be in a specific mood for Fiona Apple.
      Both of your songs are definitely iconic for breaking up in the mid-90’s, especially if you were dealing with a tortured soul. I do have some experience with those…

  4. I LOVE this post! I just recently went through a break up and a few of these songs are on my break up list. I like to add a few man hater songs too to try and give myself a bad ass boost because I, like you, tend to be a bit of a drama queen. Thanks for showing me I am not alone in my dramatic outbursts of love!
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