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The Local Record Store — 38 Comments

  1. I was just going to write a post about my local record store! I’ll probably get to it later tonight but in the meantime, I think the owner of mine sells a lot online to collectors to offset the meager foot traffic.
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  2. This is awesome. Honestly I wonder about how a lot of places turn over a profit and the drug idea usually answers most questions. But how do you explain how upscale children’s boutiques stay in business in posh areas? Black market ritalin sales? Who knows…
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  3. I have some of my Grandmother’s records and her record player (both of them, actually, though only one works). I used to listen to storybook records at her house, the beginning of my love for audiobooks! 🙂
    Love this post!
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  4. My record player is broken, so my records just sit in the garage aging. I do miss the sound. Abbey Road by the Beatles is nowhere near as good on CD as it is on my record. But I can’t justify buying a $100+ record player, when I also need a CD player, a subwoofer, etc. Digital music has made me accept subpar music. The audiophile in me cries, but the cheapskate just accepts it.

    I do love used music stores, though. Always a good find.
    Chris Plumb recently posted…To Tip or not to Tip, That is the Question.My Profile

  5. I finally got a record player again a few years ago after lugging my record collection in milk crates from place to place for almost two decades. So great to hear those pops and hisses again. I spent a lot of time in my teenage years in a used record store called “Integrity and Music.” How great is that name? The owner got to know my tastes and would set aside out-of-print gems for me.
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  6. Haha! Those last lines are so funny. And I’m sure the sensory…bonus only made accentuated the experience. 😉 I hardly ever see mom & pop record stores anymore and I miss them. Ahh…Battle of Evermore…great, great tune. We both have Led Zep on the brain this week! I love the way you described the experience of listening to music on vinyl. Well said and spot on. Nothing like that crackle.
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  7. When I was a kid, we had a combine with an 8 track player. I had one of those convertor things so I could play my cassettes in the darned thing.

    Now I’m thinking about digging through my moms old record and 8 track collection of mostly ancient country western singers to see if there’s any gems in there I’ve forgotten about.
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  8. I love getting nostalgic about music. My dad always used to play Elvis in the car, so that’s my childhood music. Even though all my friends say I’m too young for that haha.

    We have a store where I live that sells records – but they also sell CDs as well so that’s probably how they keep in business. I don’t think many people even own a record player anymore. I think even my Grandad got rid of his recently (my Dad has introduced him to CDs and DVDs so all his old records and video tapes have got to go!) That last part was hilarious.
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  9. I didn’t even know there WERE still record stores. Truly. And actually, the fact that they are still called “record” stores probably doesn’t bode well for their continued existence, either. But, you totally should have bought Vs. & In Utero. Oh man, now that I think about it, they are almost CLASSICS. Thanks, now I feel like a dinosaur! :p
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