Speaking of Fashion Magazines…


As a recovering perfectionist, in the past I’ve held myself up to very high standards. In fact, my standards were too high. I discovered this last year, when I injured myself by over-exercising. Since then, I’ve made gradual shifts to be more … Continue reading →

Beautiful Music


In another life I was a piano teacher. I had quit the piano at age ten, like most kids, in a fit of impatience with my elderly teacher and a disinterest in practicing. I didn’t want to play the songs … Continue reading →

Breaking Up with A Drama Queen


Broken hearts – most of us have had them. I, however, am the Queen of Broken Hearts. Not because I’m special or have had my heart broken more than the average person, but because I am dramatic. I can take … Continue reading →

The Local Record Store


I live in a pretty eclectic area. There’s an abundance of Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian restaurants; used clothing stores litter the boulevard; a patchwork of people cruise the streets at all hours. Mike and I take Rusty on frequent walks through … Continue reading →

First Day

Lady Godiva

The woman wore jeans and a white tank-top, standing against a stark white background. Her mouth was slightly open in a pouty half-smirk, and she looked directly at the camera. “What do you see when you look at this picture?” … Continue reading →

Can You Hear Me?

heroic tales

“I have a movie for us to watch,” I too-casually mentioned as we crawled into bed after another soul-crushing week. “Oh yeah? What is it?” Mike asked, squirreling around under the bed covers as he did every night, trying to … Continue reading →

That Song


Okay, breathe. In and out, in and out… It is Shavasana in yoga, which can also be translated as “corpse pose.” Instead of contorting myself into twisty, impossible positions, I must lie on the mat and try to wipe the … Continue reading →

On Film


My favorite movie of all time is Amélie. This has not always been the case, though. At six, for instance, it was The Chipmunk Adventure. If I could magically transport myself into a movie and live out the story, I would have … Continue reading →