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Liminal Spaces — 12 Comments

  1. This is wonderful. “And the love, the size of the love. Nothing prepares you for it.” I’ve tried to express this to multiple young pregnant women, and never nearly as well. Great writing!

    I remember the intense love and the stress of that baby stage. This too shall pass. Each stage will be wonderful and stressful in a different way, until he is grown and you will marvel at the human being he’s become.

  2. Gorgeous, love. This piece captures the conflict of motherhood so well. My babes take my breath away one moment because their existence is stunning, then they knock the wind out of me with their intrinsic ability to turn me inside out with doubt, fear, and resentment.

  3. You’re writing has always captivated me, Nat. And now you get to put some of our shared experiences as first time parents into words. I wish I was anywhere near as eloquent as you, but at least I can read your thoughts and agree (and smile) on so many levels. Thank you.

    • Seriously did I just start that comment with “you’re wiriting?!?!?” Please don’t judge me, my grammar is not that atrocious. I’m holding Juni as she just fell asleep……ughhhhh

  4. Every word here resonates with me deeply, yet you’ve expressed yourself so beautifully that this is much more than just a “relatable” text, it’s literary and inspires me to try and write again. If yo need to talk, on the mama front, I’m here.

  5. I think the innocent phrase “saucer-like” put into my head that becoming a mother is like becoming an astronaut. Constantly adjusting to the new environment; fully prepared but never prepared; adopting new languages and new ways of viewing life. Then certain phrases stood out to me – tiny explosions, polar, creation, I read “the words” as “the worlds are amassing inside me.” Motherhood as sci-fi. I know you didn’t intend it, but it seems hinted at throughout your gorgeous essay.

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