Where We Take Our Smoke Breaks — 21 Comments

  1. My husband tells me tales of going to “the club.” Coffee and cigarettes got him through the first few days, as did the meetings themselves.
    Twenty years sober, he still holds on to his coffee and cigarettes. Oh, how I wish he would quit, but he began smoking as a teen.
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  2. There’s a lot of depth to this and it leaves me wanting to know more about everything and everyone mentioned. Loved the use of remaindered but have to admit that I don’t know what one-pound soldiers are. Regardless, thank you, pneumonia. One fewer demon to battle.
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  3. funny (not really), i started smoking the very same way. only i was 10, maybe 11. and i didn’t stop till i was 30-something. as for the alcoholism, yeah. i’m where you were only with food. not fun but it beats dying eh.

  4. Love this piece, Natalie. It has the tired, strung-out resignation that comes with admitting addiction but also the desperate clinging to find something, anything to take away the pain. So well done. Sad to say, I still smoke. I gave it up once for nearly a year and every day I tried to come up with some substitute. Sigh. Thanks for sharing this vulnerable part of recovery.
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  6. Great story. So well told. My neighbor just lost her mother too soon. Late 60s of lung cancer. Cigarettes are seductive though. I was a student when we would smoke while playing pool late night after studying. One finals period, I started buying a pack here and there to smoke while sitting at my desk. When I drove home that Christmas, I said, “that’s it.” I knew I was starting to enjoy my little habit too much.
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  7. A friend of mine just came back from Mexico and split her carton with me. The good thing was that a carton of cigarettes in Mexico is only 20 bucks. The bad thing is, each pack says “SMOKING KILLS” in big giant letters. I wrote “is fun” on a little piece of paper and placed it beneath the “smoking” part. Pfew. I feel so much better now.
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