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Advanced Conversational Spanish — 40 Comments

  1. Aw, how frustrating! I always liked language (except English, ha!), but I took French, which was really not the best choice given how useful Spanish is in CA.

  2. I jumped into Spanish 202 my Senior year of college after not taking any Spanish classes in seven years (I took 3 years in HS). The Peruvian instructor started class by saying “en ese clase, nunca habla ingles. Nunca!” I passed…but it took every once of studying that summer. And that instructor was a real poonta (pardon my Romance language).
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  3. I can so feel your pain, Natalie! I’m living in Germany and trying to learn the language. I do great with vocabulary, but actually forming a sentence AND having a conversation?! I feel like Charlie Brown sitting in the classroom listening to his teacher “wah wah wah wah”. 🙂

    Btw, I see you have a cartoon for your image now…..where do these come from?
    Deanna recently posted…My Head’s Bigger Than YoursMy Profile

  4. Dios Mio!

    As a voice major, I got poetic or religious education in most romance languages. Want to sing a requiem in Italian? Compare your love to a turtle-dove in French? I’m your fella.

    Want to, you know, find a place to pee which won’t end up with you getting arrested? I’m useless.
    Ben Jackson recently posted…Remember Not to Be a JerkMy Profile

  5. This was me exactly only it was German, my sophomore year of college, in Advanced Conversation and Composition. Everyone else in the class had a German grandma that lived with them when they were little or had just come back from the summer or semester in Vienna. I was the only one who had nothing but book learnin’ and I was drowning. I was spending all my time on my German homework and only getting a C, plus if I didn’t start devoting some time to my other classes, those grades would have tanked too. I dropped it and had my best semester ever.
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  6. Hahaha – EXCELLENT last line. Oh, ya know Natalie, I took one year of Freshman French in high school and all I remember is how to say “my name is…”, “I love you” and “shut your mouth”. Also, I can order like three items in a restaurant. I stunk. But I blame the handsome French teacher. How could I possibly pay attention? Why do you think one of the only things I can say is “I love you”?
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  7. I hear you. Me and languages are no bueno. I’ve taken Latin, French, Spanish and dabbled in Italian. Ask me how many languages I speak. Honestly, sometimes I can’t even handle English! I can read a little bit of most languages I’ve studied, but that is it. Two weeks in Italy didn’t help much either. I’m useless.
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  8. I was a Spanish minor in college and since I had never gone abroad/wasn’t a native speaker I was always falling behind. Don’t tell, but one semester when we were reading Cien Anos de Soledad and I was hopelessly lost I went out and bought 100 Years of Solitude so I didn’t have to read the damn thing in Spanish. Oops.
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  9. I could totally relate to this post, Natalie! I took a couple years of French, which didn’t yield much in the way of bilingual fruit. I also took 4 years of Spanish, but none of it really stuck. I can say The Our Father, and “You have a big penis” though, which is not very relevant for my Buddhist Lesbian lifestyle.
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  10. Oh, yes. I completely understand the struggles with trying to speak a new language. I joke that I have a “second-language impediment,” having failed at becoming conversational in Spanish and French. But what I learned from traveling is that most folks are happy that you try and embrace the cross-language barriers.

  11. Oh, yes! I completely understand the challenges in learning a second language, having failed to do so with both Spanish and French. But I did pick up enough to be somewhat conversational and for the locals to understand that I was doing my best to speak their language. What was left was an effort on both parts to cross the multi-lingual divide. Fun stuff!
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  12. Living in Texas, how I wish I could speak Spanish! Sadly, my years of French classes are not really paying off. I like where you’re headed with your new choice of a minor.

  13. ah, i feel your pain! i too speak spanish but i am terrible with grammar. thankfully most people understand me but i cannot remember the conjugations and past tense forms in my head, for the life of me! i listen to some latino music (i love juanes) which helps but indeed..mastering a language is so difficult.
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