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  1. Loved this. Totally made me tear up as I sit here thinking about doing the same thing with my sisters when we were little.

  2. I felt like I was diving through the water with you in that dream. It’s wonderful that you can still remember it so well. The worst part of dreams like that is trying to hold onto their sparkling freedom as reality lumbers into your consciousness and blots out all that nighttime beauty. I used to try to write down my dreams, but I could never capture them properly before they slipped away.

  3. Oh, the things we can achieve in our dreams and the dreams that unfold in writing. Such beautiful, soul enriching things the mind and imagination can conjure. I loved this Natalie. It really struck a chord with me.

  4. I love the image of the closet, the blue cellophane, the two of you hoping to swim. You handled the intersection of real and imaginary very nicely here. And the last line— !

  5. You can do anything you want on your blog including hash tads. This was a lovely description of childhood dreams and fantasy. I agree 100%. It is why we write.

  6. “unhindered by stupid gravity” love this line.

    the last part about still feeling that feeling of longing so many years later – yes. i feel it to reading this. well done.

    • I spent a considerable amount of time cursing gravity and the fact that my hair was brown.
      It surprised me that that feeling remained so strong for such a long time…only now, it’s applied to different things, of course. I gave up on the mermaid thing long ago.

  7. Now I am totally nostalgic for playing “Little Mermaid” in 2nd grade.Of course I was the weird awkward kid, so I was always forced to play Flotsam or Jetsam. Sigh. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Aw, I love this memory. Of the impatience over gravity, of wishing so hard for something and waking up crying at the injustice. Great piece and nice work.

  9. I hate it when old people have pools and don’t use them.

    My wife loves The Little Mermaid. It is fun. But she really is the brattiest of all the Disney princesses. Plus she rejects her species. Sometimes we watch the movie and wonder what we would do if one of our girls started to act like Ariel. So help me, I would destroy that grotto; just in a much nicer way.

    • Oh, I know – looking back, it’s terrible. I mean, she’s sixteen and she runs off – against her father’s wishes – with a different species. But as a little girl, it was magic. I mean, the ability to breath underwater and swim so fast in a totally different atmosphere? Plus singing crabs and fish?

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