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  1. haha Yay!! It’s not often that I can say I’m #1. Also, what’s funny about this is that I was freaking out all day because I hadn’t yet commented on your post from yesterday. I just came on now to do so, and saw that you had a new post. So now, I’m commenting here instead of there, but comment there I will.

  2. If you need to take time for you, then you are the best judge of that. Savour everything (different to taste everything – don’t lick the walls!)

    I read them all the time, but don’t always (often) comment, because either someone already said it or I just feel stupid saying things.

    Did I just see a squid?

  3. Sad that I, a guy, was a part of your Thirty, Flirty…post infamy. Oh well, I’m comfortable in my manhood, and it’s not my fault that the majority of great bloggers are women like you (and the others who congregate here). At least your humor feels gender universal, and I can enjoy a piece where I am probably not the target audience.

    I just passed fifty posts. And while it takes some time to crank them out…it actually doesn’t feel like work (which is maybe the sign that we actually like writing). I think your new slow burn posting will pay off. I wasn’t able to keep up with all your blogs before, and now I see them and happily click.

    • I ALWAYS appreciate the male perspective, Chris! I don’t really write with an audience in mind. I only try not to hurt the people in my real life by TMI about them.
      And congrats on 50 posts! A milestone indeed. It doesn’t feel like work, does it? It’s fun – but it does take time that I don’t often have. This way, I’ll be able to spend more time producing work I can be proud of, not just a frazzled post to meet a deadline.

  4. Bah!! I missed #1! Oh well, if it’s got to go to someone else, I’m glad it went to Erica. You and she are my top commenters, too, and I adore you. And I have to say seeing my name on someone else’s blog makes me feel kinda famous 🙂

    I’m really glad you committed to, and then kicked ass in sticking to this blog. It’s a favorite of mine and I appreciate your consistency. (I could learn a thing or two from you with regards to that.) I’m also really glad you learned something about yourself from it and don’t begrudge you for scaling it back a little. It’s all a part of the journey that is becoming the writer you want to be.

    Write on 😉

  5. I’m with you on the cutting back. Actually, I never got that high. I’ve never been able to churn out five posts a week. I think I did it twice. The rest of the time, 3-4. Then I market those like crazy. 🙂

  6. Congrats on blog awesomess! I agree 3 posts a week is a much better schedule, don’t burn yourself out. Hope your next 100 posts get all the bloggy love they deserve

  7. I’m slowing down too. Well, actually just returning to my normal slackerly ways after a brief burst of enthusiasm for NaBloPoMo in November. I actually stopped following a blog once because she posted too often. It might have been OK if she was on blogger and the posts just rolled by in my reading list.

    But she had e-mail subscription only, and my inbox started to fill up with a tidal wave of unread posts, and every time I saw them I felt all panicky and like a terrible, non-commenting follower until I couldn’t take it anymore and just stopped reading her blog altogether. Three to four posts a week is nice – gives people a chance to miss you (or at least not be overwhelmed by you).

    • Ooo, this is valuable input! Upon starting this, I never thought about “too much” – I just wrote everyday and posted whatever I wrote, except for the two days I gave myself off because the house doesn’t clean itself. Your observation is making me feel MUCH better about my decision, not to mention making me feel far less lazy.

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