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  1. I was told to omit jokes from my history thesis as well. Luckily, I realized that my “research” didn’t do anything to advance the professor’s own research, so he probably wouldn’t read much past page five. Exactly. Not a single mark on pages 6-24. Jokes abounded about Hitler throughout (my thesis was on Nazi propaganda). So I got the last laugh (maybe not…hours of writing and research weren’t even looked at).

    Good goals. I did that last year. It was very affirming to finish the novel. Publishing, however, is a difficult task. At least you have a good size platform before you go out and solicit it, though.

    • This is marvelous! I thought I was the only one chastised for my biting sarcasm! Also, I would love to read your thesis. I almost minored in history, but decided to go the easy route and instead did Art History so I could graduate within one semester (I saved my minor for last – long story involving impacted classes and frustration).
      Yea, publishing the novel will be an entirely different beast, I know. I’ve decided to take it one step at a time and at least finish something. You can’t succeed if you don’t even try, right?

  2. Yay!!! Get that novel done, girl! I can’t wait to read a Natalie book in the future.

    I also don’t do the resolutions thing, but I told myself that I would actually stick to my Spanish Rosetta Stone for more than 2 weeks this year. Actually, I didn’t give myself any guidelines except that I was going to give it an honest shot this time around. Knowing that you’ll be learning a language too will keep me motivated.

      • I’m totally going to take you up on that offer. Conversation scares the hell outta me, but it’s what I need the most practice in. (well, I guess that’s what everyone needs the most practice in when speaking a new language, but you catch my drift.)

  3. Yes! I’ve made not a single resolution for the new year, either. Goals are the way to go, something I’ve NEVER been good at, but there’s time yet. I can’t wait to read the novel when it’s ready to hand out for feedback 🙂 I think my favorite goal of yours listed above is improving your French. Just because. You have to do some things just for you.

    My goals this year? Better health, better writing, more writing, and the push for publication. I just have to find the balance between too many lists and plans, and actually DOING things to get closer to reaching those goals.

    • Yea, that’s why I set goals now – my dreams would just sit on the shelf collecting dust. If I set a goal, however, then I had to be actively doing something to make it happen. That’s why I set so few, so I don’t get overwhelmed and then drop all of them. Which I have totally done in the past, and why I hadn’t done any recreational writing during the many years I was in school.
      Also, WAY TO GO as far as your goals – you’re an inspiration to me! I wish you best of luck in the publishing jungle!!

  4. Great goals! I don’t make resolutions either,and my new years eve was spent working on a cross stitch with a cat or 2 in my lap. It was perfect.
    When you reach a point on your novel where you want /need someone to beta-read it, remember me! I’m serious, and I have references. I love to read and helping you tweek your work would be a pleasure. Just a thought ….

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