Sometimes life drains away all my creativity and all I am capable of is sitting in my armchair reading a book. This makes me sad.

Then my husband gets an idea…

Let’s give Mimi some twine.

Then we get carried away…

Let’s give Mimi my Jane Austen action figure.

“What’s this? A new toy? I wonder if it’s edible…”

Then we decide to write a children’s story…

There once was a kitty named Mimi. She had a gnome named Ferdinand.

Mimi and Ferdinand were the best of friends.

Then Ferdinand started to get on Mimi’s nerves.

So she grabbed him with her paw…

…and had a delicious snack.

Don’t feel sorry for Ferdinand, children.

As you can see, he was reincarnated as a Beyoncé the Giant Metal Chicken puppet.

Mimi, filled with remorse over eating her friend, retired to the countryside and became a painter.

Then Ferdinand lived forever in renown as The Bloggess’ chicken, Beyoncé.

– Fin –

This is why Mike is the best. This is also why I think we should write children’s books.



Kitty & Her Gnome: A Humble Story I Made Up with Mike — 9 Comments

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